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Hey everyone.  So about the past couple of weeks...

There are two financial components in running this site.  First is the domain name registration, with allows us to lease the name  The second is the hosting, which allows for the storage and bandwidth transfer of our data.  I have paid for both of these components over the years, with John taking over the payments for the hosting a couple of years back.

With respect to the registration, I have used a company called since this site was founded.  It's a simple renewal transaction which occurs once per year, on December 18th, and runs about $18/year, give or take.  But is not always the best in responding.  Each year, I update my email address and my mailing address with them (I have not actively used since about 2008), but each year said update fails to take in their I never receive their renewal notices.  This year, I made effort to contact them, but I have still not received a response as I am typing this message.  Fortunately, I stumbled across a company called ENON, of which webdirecthosting is a reseller.  I don't want to pretend to understand all of this stuff, but long story short, our site registration is now handled by ENON, and my credit card remains on file with them for domain auto-renewal each year.  Woohoo!

I have always maintained, and still do, that we keep this site up and running for you guys....aka 'our subscribers' as a wise man once put it.  I fully realize that I have been an absentee owner these past few years, but I assure you that I lurk, and that Pluto TV plays on my iPad as I navigate the ups and downs of my workday.  While The Price is Right is not the same show that I grew up with -- I still have tremendous respect for the institution and the legacy of the show, and it will always hold a place in my heart.  I now have a daughter who is going to be six years old tomorrow...and she too gets excited whenever Cliffhangers comes on!

Happy holidays to all.  Be good to yourselves, your families, and those you care about.


It's cool, Boss. Thanks for keeping the site up and running for nearly two decades.

Thanks for the explanation, Marc. I'm glad to see you're still around and lurking. And hopefully with the auto-renew we can put these incidents to rest once and for all.

Thanks for keeping this site going for so long!

Mr. Weatherman:
We appreciate you and John more than youíll ever know, Marc!

Iíve brought up in the Discord chat the idea of a Patreon account being set up that we can contribute to.  Relatively speaking, it doesnít sound like the site costs a whole lot to maintain, but I would absolutely contribute a good $5-$10/month personally to help keep it running.  Not everyone here is in a position to do that ó and understandably so ó but those of us who can would not only be able to cover the costs of keeping the site up, but we should also be able to pay for expanded server space, among other neat things that are out of reach right now.  How cool would it be if forum members could post photos directly to the site without having to link to a third party source?  Thatís where Patreon comes into play, and Iím all for it.  Yíall have held the burden of maintaining this site for us with no telling how much spent over the years to keep it up.  Let us give back!


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