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Marc, I want to thank you for this wonderful site and your continued financial support of it, I've been a member since 2003 but I was here lurking a while before that, while I don't post much anymore, rest assured I'm here almost every day to read the recaps and read different posts and am very appreciative of that small part of my daily routine. I also want to say that if there were a patreon made for the site, I'd gladly be able to help with the occasional few bucks when I can. Thanks again, Marc, and welcome back everyone! :)

Appreciate the explanation and being able to participate in a forum such as this.


Thank you for the explanation, Marc. Kinda had a feeling there was something amiss with regards to why the domain wasn't auto renewing.
Thought about reaching out to offer my domain provider for registration purposes as I've been using auto renew successfully with them for over fourteen years.
Glad you've got it sorted out into the foreseeable future!

Thanks for the explanation there Marc and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Thank you for the explanation there Marc, it's great that the site's been up and running again after some days. I wish your daughter a blessed birthday too!


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