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Thanks for all your best work in keeping the site going Marc.

Thanks for the transparency Marc. Glad you're enjoying PLUTO.

Thank you for letting us know, and for keeping this site running. I've been a reader for almost 20 years and a member for over 10, and this site means a lot to me.

I kind of figured something was up when the site was down this long. It seems to have gotten worse over the years. Thanks for letting us know, Marc.

What took you so long?

Thanks for the special 2-week winter break!

I gotta admit I'm nervous about the thought of maintaining a website with as many active members as it has. I'm just glad the staff are able to do it at no cost to its readers. Even if it means we get the occasional technical difficulties, at least we now know there will still be a site.

(By the way, I am also in a position to support monthly through Patreon if the idea actually goes forward.)


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