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May 14, 1997
« on: August 29, 2020, 09:01:23 AM »
First Four: Michael, Karen, Sharla, Keith

IUFB1: Maytag Refrigerator/Freezer
Michael: $1450
Karen: $1500
Keith: $1100*
Sharla: $1
ARP: $1449

PG1: Squeeze Play--Played for a Hooker Furniture Entertainment Center and Samsung 27-inch Color TV


Keith removes the 0, and price squeezes to $3,126

ARP: $3,126


Second Calldown: Andrea

IUFB2: Flexsteel Wingback Chair & Ottoman
Andrea: $875
Sharla: $1175
Michael: $1200*
Karen: $850
ARP: $1320

PG2: Grocery Game--Played for 2 Honda Elite 50 SR Motor Scooters ($3,198)

GP1: Croissant Pockets
GP2: St. Ives Apricot Scrub
GP3: Wisk Detergent with Color Hold Bleaching Action
GP4: Bon Ami Cleanser
GP5: Aquafresh Flex Toothbrush

First purchase: 8 Croissant Pockets x $2.49 = $19.92
Second purchase: 1 Cleanser x $1.09 = $1.09 (TOTAL--$21.01/OVER)


According to Bob, Michael is "the saddest, most depressing, most heartbreaking loser" in this game. Additionally, the buzzer sounds almost immediately after the price of the cleanser is revealed.

Third Calldown: Trevor

IUFB3: Janome Sewing Machine
Trevor: $725
Karen: $400
Andrea: $650
Sharla: $726*
ARP: $1099

PG3: Temptation--Played for a Dodge Stratus, and these four gifts...

First number: 1

Custom Designs Queen Sheet Sets--$700 (guesses 7)
Ashley Maple Buffet Hutch--$1199 (guesses 9)
Pachinko Machine--$399 (guesses 3)
Lasonic Stereo System--$500 (guesses 5)

Total value of gifts: $2,798

No changes

Sharla decides to go for it...

ARP: $17,130


Sharla: .15+.95=OVER
Michael: .20+.45=.65
Keith: .70

Keith is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Shonta

IUFB4: Schonbek Crystal Chandelier
Shonta: $950
Trevor: $1100
Karen: $1101
Andrea: $1102

Shonta: $780
Trevor: $860
Karen: $800*
Andrea: $861
ARP: $825

PG4: Magic #--Played for a La-Z-Boy Love Seat and Universal Furniture Haberdasher Chest

Magic number must be more than price of Love Seat, but less than price of Chest

Karen sets magic number to $1,040

ARP of Chest: $2,060
ARP of Love Seat: $1,069


So far, it's been a show filled with near misses.

Fifth Calldown: Vicki

IUFB5: Ameriware Professional Cookware
Vicki: $625
Andrea: $700
Shonta: $650* (also wins $100 for perfect bid)
Trevor: $701
ARP: $650

PG5: Side by Side--Played for a Vaughn-Bassett Sleigh Bed with Springwall Chiropractic Queen Mattress Set

Choices: $2,465 or $6,524

Shonta's pick: $2,465

ARP: $2,465


Final Calldown: Julie

IUFB6: Coleman Camping Equipment (winner also receives Spearmint Crystal Breath Mints)
Julie: $1575
Trevor: $975
Vicki: $725
Andrea: $1*
ARP: $513

PG6: Switcheroo--Played for a Dodge Neon Coupe, and these four prizes...

SP1: Kitten Play Area
SP2: Waterproof Halogen Floating Lantern
SP3: Antique World Globe
SP4: 5-Piece Tea Set

Cat Playground--$?3
Kettle & Mugs--$?0

Missing numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

First try: 4/2/1/6/3 (3 right)
Second try: N/A

Wins Lantern, Kettle & Mugs and Cat Playground

Other ARPs: Car--$11,665, Globe--$40


Make that another near miss in a show full of them!

Andrea: .55+.65=OVER
Karen: .70
Shonta: .10+.90=1.00

Shonta: .55

Shonta is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket!

Top Winner: Keith
Runner-Up: Shonta

Compaq Prolinea 575B Computer, 8-Foot Sailboat, Plymouth Breeze
Keith bids $19,500

Andiamo Luggage Set, Around the World (New York City, London, Sydney)
Shonta bids $10,300

ARP of Shonta's Showcase: $16,191 (Difference: $5,891)
ARP of Keith's Showcase: $18,576 (OVER)

Shonta wins her Showcase, and takes home $20,406 in cash and prizes!