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FPG 1/22/21 - RESULTS
« on: January 22, 2021, 12:26:46 PM »
Hey, I'm early for once. Be aware that you will be spoiled if you haven't seen the show yet, but then again you probably want to know what's up if you're looking at the results thread. So you have been warned.

This was a pretty rough showing where they seemed to be playing some games with us. Now, Take Two and That's Too Much were both reasonable options that a bunch of people lost coin flips on. Most of the field really thought it was going to be a Grand (and Path) day, so when 1/2 Off came up I could hear multiple players rip up their lineups.

To a degree, everything besides Squeeze Play was due. But Check-Out for a car was unexpected, Clock when multiple other 2Ps needed to be played, 1/2 being the casher, it wasn't pretty. But there were people who still did well and for that we have a rundown:

Clock Game - Only Cephas and Flerb picked it and gained 25K each. Each was only good for 1 MP.
1/2 Off - Cephas and Flerb holding it down again. 25K and 2 MP each.
That's Too Much! - 7 picks. Cephas and JJ were the only 2 to nail it and each got 4/20.
Squeeze Play - 2 picks. Both Guint and Plinkoman nailed it and each got it for 25K. Plinkoman also gained 2x PA and the only Play-Along money for the week.
Take Two - 5 picks. 22FJB and Guint had it 5th, dprice had it for a loss.
Check-Out (for a CAR) - Sweeper is the only one who picked it. 50K and 2/6 for him, was not picked for a car.

It was a very close race at the beginning, but Cephas managed to hold onto the football the whole game and scored a touchdown with a runner-runner bonus and 8/28. Two weeks in a row it's happened. Flerb managed to hold onto fourth after that good start as well, but could not secure a podium. On the podiums we have Plinkoman with second and 7/7 despite forgetting to put confidence ratings down and we have Guint taking up bronze with 6/14.

No game next week due to the Grammy's show being moved, so I will see you back here in two weeks for what is sure to be another rousing game of FPG. Stay safe until then.

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Re: FPG 1/22/21 - RESULTS
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2021, 09:39:58 PM »
On the podiums we have Plinkoman with second and 7/7 despite forgetting to put confidence ratings down


I'm blaming that on the sinus infection I currently have.

And still second. Wow. I need to go buy a lottery ticket.
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