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October 12, 2004
« on: July 23, 2020, 10:49:35 PM »
First Four: Allison, Derek, Matthew, Thaydiana

IUFB1: 34-inch Flat Tube Widescreen Color TV
Thaydiana: $1500
Matthew: $1000
Derek: $1700*
Allison: $1
ARP: $1999

PG1: Swap Meet--Played for a Celestron Binoculars, plus a Palecek Chair and Ottoman, 2 Yamaha Electric Guitars and Reed & Barton Silver-Plated Serving Accessories

Derek's pick: Hostess Set

ARP of Hostess Set: $1,435

ARP of Binoculars: $620

Other ARPs: Chair--$2,298, Guitars--$620


Second Calldown: Elizabeth

IUFB2: Nourison Area Rug
Elizabeth: $1200
Allison: $1300
Thaydiana: $851
Matthew: $900*
ARP: $1049

PG2: Push Over--Played for a Great Lakes Home & Resort Hot Tub


Matthew pushes blocks to $4,910

ARP: $4,910


Third Calldown: Gina

IUFB3: 2 Meyda Tiffany Lamps
Gina: $359
Elizabeth: $750
Allison: $699*
Thaydiana: $751
ARP: $720

PG3: Hole in One--Played for a Ford Escape XLS 4x2 ($19,995)

GP1: Icy Hot Patch
GP2: Gaviscon
GP3: CLR Remover
GP4: Little Debbie Honey Buns
GP5: Brut Splash-On Lotion
GP6: Fresh & Go Toothbrush/Paste

Order of flags: Honey Buns, Face Lotion Toothbrush, Antacid, Cleaner Face Lotion, Pain Reliever, Cleaner
Prices: $1.39, $2.69, $7.57, $6.49

Bob's inspiration putt: Wide right

Allison's first putt: Wide left, but it's Hole in One...or Two!

Allison's second putt: Wide right


Allison: .90
Derek: .15+.75=.90
Matthew: .75+1.00=OVER

Allison: 1.00
Derek: .75

Allison: .15

Allison is going to the Showcase, with $6,000 in her pocket! This is where Bob mistakenly resets the Wheel to a dollar in the Bonus Spin. Immediately after the show returns from commercial, he admits his error, and decides to award Allison the $10,000 anyway, so she now has $11,000 total.

Fourth Calldown: Richard

IUFB4: Honda CRF-100F Motorcycle
Richard: $1900
Thaydiana: $1675
Gina: $2200*
Elizabeth: $1
ARP: $2264

PG4: 1 Right Price--Played for Trips to Hawaii and Alaska

The 1 right price is $4,209

Gina's pick: Alaska

ARP of Alaska: $3,057


Fifth Calldown: Jacqueline

IUFB5: Park & Sun Sports 3-in-1 Game Table
Jacqueline: $750
Elizabeth: $730
Richard: $650
Thaydiana: $752

Jacqueline: $550
Elizabeth: $500
Richard: $425
Thaydiana: $575*
ARP: $587

PG5: Card Game--Played for a Ford Mustang Coupe

Special Deck: $1,500

Opening bid: $10,000

Thaydiana's draws: 4 of Clubs ($10,400), 7 of Diamonds ($11,100), 6 of Spades ($11,700), 5 of Spades ($12,200), Jack of Hearts ($13,200), 6 of Diamonds ($13,800), Ace of Hearts (add $5,000 to make bid $18,800)

Final bid: $18,800

ARP: $18,345

Difference: OVER


In retrospect, I never liked sounding out the BUZZ! on overbids like this. Same thing applies to Grocery Game and Credit Card, although I don't mind it in Check Game and Check-Out.

Final Calldown: Kerry

IUFB6: Blue Star Desk Set (winner also receives Symtec Glucosamine Joint Relief)
Kerry: $250
Jacqueline: $550
Elizabeth: $699*
Richard: $251
ARP: $845

PG6: Secret "X"--Played for an Ashley Bedroom Group with Bemco Mattress Set ($5,414)

Free X: Upper right

SP1: Transistor Radio--$38 or $59? Guesses $38, is wrong
SP2: Chocolate Maker--$13 or $24? Guesses $24, is right

Additional X: Lower left

Location of secret X: Dead center


Thaydiana: .65
Gina: .60+.95=OVER
Elizabeth: .60+.25=.85

Elizabeth is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Allison
Runner-Up: Elizabeth

Fire Magic Regal Stainless Steel Gourmet Gas BBQ, Ashley Dining Room Group with Fiesta Dinnerware, Story & Clark Grand Piano
Allison passes to Elizabeth, who bids $16,500

2 Lionel Train Sets, Dell Desktop Computer, Daytona Beach, Chrysler Crossfire
Allison bids $24,000

ARP of Allison's Showcase: $42,105 (Difference: $18,105)
ARP of Elizabeth's Showcase: $16,674 (Difference: $174)

Elizabeth scores a :dsw:, and takes home $65,102 in cash and prizes!

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Re: October 12, 2004
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I wonder if this was the same Chrysler Crossfire that was used in the Olympics-themed Showcase the same year.
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