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2021 FPG Spoilers

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New thread for a new season. I know there were a couple things floating around, but now here's a place to put them all.

We only have one active Instagram spoiler, and it could affect FPG in two weeks. Thankfully, it occurred on a post and not an IG story, so it's still visible.

James posted a photo that shows that Time is Money was used at the tapings of December 15th, so it may show up on that date's first taped episode, which airs on February 19th.

And Rachel's IG has a photo from the same day sitting in front of the turntable , with the graphics they use for Big Money Week.
Also with TiM being shown in James IG video, more than likely its either a Big Money game played during that week , or its a normal playing of the game being played for the week beginning Feb. 22

There is an article online about a contestant who was on with bob in 1989 and will be a contestant tomorrow, a video shows she plays a game that is staged using the Giant Price Tag

Here is that article. It has limited views for free, though.


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