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Feature Update - Youtube Support Enhanced; Dailymotion & Vimeo Added

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You know what?  It's not the place for it but as it could periodically affect things linked to on this site, I'm going to answer it. 

When content is uploaded to my channel, I make absolutely zero guarantees on how long it'll stay up. Sometimes things get taken down by the people who own it.  Sometimes I take things down, for reasons ranging from "having too many uploads of [show x] leaves me too vulnerable to copyright issues" to "someone uploaded a nicer version" to "I just really felt like it".  The master copy of the 1st daytime Price w/ Bob? I'm the original uploader. It's one of the only tapes I've gone through that I've held on to and I've still got it sitting in one of my remaining boxes inside it's clamshell. Others uploaded it to copy, I deleted mine. I got it out there, now they can assume the liability of having it on their account.  Family Feud? Found myself having a bit too much of it (including a very popular compilation vid of the game show host week) relative to my total content, so pruned some. Used to have a second backup channel that I've purged of game shows almost entirely now; the only things left on it are mostly auto racing related and other misc. stuff.  Removed multiple videos with 5 figure viewcounts there.

But in exchange?  You're getting the best quality copy I have, on a platform that's easy to download from in higher quality, with no watermarks even when I post something almost no one's seen in 40 years (Ex: That High Rollers ep), no deliberately manipulating the frame rate of video to preserve tape trading (which I think is inane personally but that's an editorial). no uploading the inferior quality copy of something if I have two.  I even turned comments back on even though I think the signal to noise ratio is really, really bad because some folks find value in it.

The tradeoff is that what goes up and what comes down is largely left to my whim (with some exceptions). Pretty much every game show Youtube uploader has quirks to their channel.  This Buzzr rerun from 2020 doesn't need the nine minutes of orange logo with music bed.  Dropping the framerate to 15fps is (to me) absolutely idiotic. Watermarks are varying degrees annoying and pretentious.  I take stuff down sometimes.

And for the truly rare of rare stuff where having it uploaded has actual meaning (Whew, that HR ep, the last ep of CBS TJW, etc) I try to leave it up unless I can't because I know there's meaning in it being there.  But a random GSN rerun of Family Feud doesn't really fit that bill.

I appreciate your answer, Chelsea. I'm satisfied with it. The reason I asked is because I thought it was my fault. I thought I did something wrong.


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