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The Price is Right: 123123123 style (S2, Episode 5)

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--- Quote from: 123123123 on March 04, 2021, 04:08:55 PM ---Normally, I would push back the start a day to let more people join, but since I can't start it tomorrow.....screw it, we'll do it live! We'll see how it goes

--- End quote ---

If you need a 6th person, and you're willing to allow late signups, I'm happy to help out.



--- Quote from: gamesurf on March 06, 2021, 07:07:27 PM ---If you need a 6th person, and you're willing to allow late signups, I'm happy to help out.

--- End quote ---

I talked to the producer (aka myself) and it's all good, just join the rest of the group backstage. I have a feeling you'll be called up pretty soon  :-)

Bidding Order:
geniusinmath ----------> $899
pathfinder20 ----------> $1,303
JayC -------------------> $927
LiteBulb88 --------> $600
JhayPrice -----------> $950

1233: The bids are in and the actual price is... come on up, LiteBulb88!!!!

{loud cheers from speakers}
{walks up to turntable}

Welcome to the stage, LiteBulb. As the first person up, we certainly have to have something great for you to win, isn't that right, Mr. Announcer?

Announcer: Honestly, we had a great prize for you. But I took the executive decision to swap it out after the atrocity that was that first item up for bids

Is he back in kindergarten? Do they get a juice box and crayons with the desk too!?!

He needs a much better setup than that, and that's what I intend to do with...

{door 3 opens}

...this executive desk!! {modeled by Amber}

Be the boss you are with this setup! This 72" wide and 79" high U-shaped executive desk has expert construction, a cherry wood finish and plenty of storage space for all your executive-y needs. We've also included a 13" MacBook Air and abrown leather bonded swivel chair to make you feel in charge. There it is, Numbers!!!

{loud cheers}

1233: Can't argue that that's a much better setup, whether it fits into your room is another matter  :-)

Now, to upgrade your office, all you have to do is win the Check Game. I just need you to write a check that, when added to the value of the desk, totals between $8,000 and $9,000.

So take that feathery magic marker masquerading as a quill pen and write yourself a check!

{check writing music commences}

If I win this, I'll use my one bid prize as the kiddie table at my next Thanksgiving :-D. I'll write the check for $2,000 (Two thousand and 00/100 dollars) please!


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