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FPG 3/5/21 - RESULTS
« on: March 09, 2021, 11:44:37 PM »
We had a really stellar week going into Friday and how did that turn out? Meh. Money Game was a good win, but other than that it wasn't a terribly interesting Bag/Roo show. It wasn't a bad show by any means, but it doesn't have any many fun things going for it as the previous shows. Unless you consider ruining Bargain Game's 15-game winning streak, perfect season, and our first 2P trip loss of the season fun. Still, it was a very competitive FPG:

Money Game - SPOILED. 17 picks. Tan8, 22FJB, JJ, and Sweeper all nailed it. JJ and 22FJB each got 4x PA, 4 people got it for 1x PA, and 3 others got 2x PA.
Bargain Game - 8 picks. 1 person had it for a loss, 1 person had it second. Cephas gets 1x PA.
It's in the Bag - 8 picks. 6 people nailed it, Cephas, Kev, Wayo, and I all maxed it out.
Most Expen$ive - 3 picks. I, 22FJB, and 88JRFAN each receive 15K. I nailed it.
Switcheroo - 2 picks. Wayo and 22FJB each receive 25K and 4 MP.
Squeeze Play - 6 picks. JJ and Hag maxed it out. Tan8 gets 2x PA and Hag gets 4x PA.

Plenty of correct and accurate predictions today, so you know the scores are high. I thought it was a two-person race between me and Wayo during the show, but I was blindsided by 22FJB and his phomenal performance. Three exact shots and two other games means his score is a very impressive 15/44. Neither I nor Wayo should feel too badly about not winning, we still each managed to get two perfect predictions and get silver and bronze with 10/46 and 10/42 respectively. tpi_J also managed to bookend the show with the right calls, so he's right behind pointwise with 10/38, but 3rd place moneywise for all that Money Game money.

You may notice that the money total is really high this week. As it turns out, I wanted to check to see if we do anything special for perfect shows and it turns out we do. We double the monies from those shows, but we also double the monies from shows with a DSW win. I did not realize this previously when this situation had came up, but it's in the rules. So while I can't retroactively add money to those games, I now know that I can do that to any future games. Like the show, we seem to have an endless supply of money at the moment.

Friday is the long-awaited Grammy show and be ready to make some lineups for it. No matter who you'll be rooting on at the awards, no matter if you don't watch the games, it should be an interesting show. I'll see you on Friday with more fun lineup guessing. See you all then.