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LIVE SHOW #43: "Spring Cleaning Special", Friday, April 16th


Yes, it's that time again. Time for another Live Show!

Join us on Discord on Friday, April 16th for another exciting live edition of television's most exciting hour! As last time, I will be your host, Guint will be your announcer, Kev347 is our producer, Prizes is our contestant coordinator, and thepriceis_J is our HealthWatch host and floor director.

We are still working to be able to livestream the show via Twitch. Either way we will gather in the Discord before the show, because all interviews will be done there regardless, and will serve as our central hub. If we are able to use Twitch, we will use the voice chat (with someone assigned to bringing people in and out as necessary); otherwise the show will be done in Discord as it was last time.

Jess and I will be in the Discord at approximately 8pm EDT; the show will start at 9. More details forthcoming; stay tuned!

Just a reminder, join us tomorrow night (04/16) for our next Live Show! We will have more graphics than last time but we will once again be using the Discord text chat. Hope to see many of you there!

Live Show #43 starts in less than an hour! Come into the Discord (into the #livetime chatroom), get in line, and come play today! We have a bunch of fancy graphics for this show, as part of the slow transition over into a true live show... don't miss it!

Well that was a show. I appreciate everyone's patience while we dealt with delays and technical hiccups related to our new graphics system. We hope to be able to go full-on Twitch next time.

Here are tonight's CSS results. PriceFanArmadillo stumbles into the Discord late to check baseball scores and ends up winning a First Four Pass to the next show. Look for the next show to be sometime around July.


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