Author Topic: FPG 4/2/21 - RESULTS  (Read 1206 times)

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FPG 4/2/21 - RESULTS
« on: April 08, 2021, 12:56:48 AM »
This show started off strong and kinda fell apart after the first segment ended. Nobody was winning anything and it ended up being a rather disappointing show. In FPG land, things didn't go much better. While every game was picked by somebody, only 1 wasn't a key game, and only 1 person's joker ending up mattering in the end. Here's the rundown:

Danger Price - Sweeper was the only pick and receives 50K and 4/8 for that.
Let 'em Roll - 2 picks. Kev and Hag each get 25K for that pick; Kev had it second, Hag had it for a loss.
Double Cross - 4 picks. Flerb, I, Wayo, and Kev each gain 10K along with Wayo's 2x PA. Kev and Wayo had it 3rd, no one had it for a loss.
10 Chances - Kev was the only pick and gets 50K for that along with 2/12 and 2x PA.
Flip Flop - 2 picks + that joker. Wayo, Kev, and Sweeper each receive 15K. Sweeper gets 2x PA and 2/12 for that Joker.
Secret "X" - The only non key game of this lineup and the most picked with 7 players. Kev nailed it and Wayo maxed out that choice. JJ gets 1x PA.

I see three names that popped up a few times here and they make up your top three for this week. Kev had a very strong performance, even though the whole field struggled with getting results going their way. He finished with a 12/48. Sweeper's good use of that joker helped propel him into second place, with a score of 8/30. Wayo gets third by being the only other player to nail a game and he ends with 7/35. After that it's a big gap between 3rd and 4th, but thank you all for taking this chance and playing this game with me. Since we missed a show, I'm also doubling the April Fools' show to make sure the pot is a nice healthy one.

I won't have a problem with getting a nice fat pot this week, so come back and see just how big this pot will grow. I think we'll be in for some good feastin'. See you all then!