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Price is Right at Night: April 21 (Singh) and April 28 (Haddish) [SPOILERS]

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Roadgeek Adam:
Next two celebrity specials are up.. April 21 with Lilly Singh and April 28 with Tiffany Haddish.

Just a word of warning if you read the article-- it contains a big spoiler about a Showcase prize in Tiffany Haddish's episode, plus one game and a couple of prizes in the Lilly Singh episode.

So apparently Tiffany Haddish's Kids Say the Darndest Things is coming to CBS where the Bill Cosby hosted version aired after being on ABC briefly in 2019.


--- Quote ---amazing prizes including cash, trips, and cars.
--- End quote ---

Why does this remind me of a Wheel of Fortune press release?  :oldlol:

How are they doing these with the social distancing already in place, are the cameras so zoomed out to fit everything in?

Can't say I really get the "celebrity helper" thing they've been doing with Adam devine and ludacris (assuming the same situation here). The celebrities probably have even less knowledge on the prices than your average contestant. I thought the whole show being celebrity contestants worked fine like they did with "The Neighborhood" cast, unless they can't come up with 6 celebrities willing to play.


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