Author Topic: FPG 4/9/21 - RESULTS  (Read 207 times)

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FPG 4/9/21 - RESULTS
« on: April 18, 2021, 04:58:13 PM »
Clock Game not having an exact price makes it difficult when all three sources for show winnings differ. In spite of that, I have figured out the total for this game week. No car game wins today, but we won almost everything else including a tempting bailout option. People also tended to do pretty well, only one game was picked by less than 4 people and everyone did get on the board. Let's take it game by game:

Switch? - Only Sweeper deduced the right 2P and that'll net him 50K and 2/2.
Card Game - 6 picks. Kev and 9821 nailed it.
Cliff Hangers- 8 picks. Kev, Wayo, and JJ nailed it; Flerb maxed out. Hag and Tan8 get 2x PA while Flerb and JJ receive 4x PA.
Side by Side - 7 picks. 3 people had it 4th, but everyone had it for a W.  Wayo gets 2x PA while 22FJB and Sweeper get 1x PA.
Grand Game - 13 picks, most popular for the day. Flerb was the only one to have it both 5th and for a win giving him 4/20. jhc gets 1x PA.
Temptation - 4 picks. Kev, Wayo, JJ and Jarod each receive 10K. Wayo and Kev nailed it, but Kev also adds 4x PA to his pot.

A lot of action for this one and it was a tight race all the way to the end. Temptation sealed the deal for Kev and he'll take home gold with 16/64. Flerb also had a stellar day and led going into the final game. That's good enough for the silver medal with 12/56. Confidence made all the diffference; Wayo finishes with the bronze with an also impressive 12/52.

Very good job all, even if you only got 1 MP like me, you all are winners in my book. Come back next time as we celebrate more of what April has to offer. Until then, stay safe!