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George Gray anniversary at TPIR

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Drew announced at the start of today's episode that today is George Gray's 10th anniversary as permanent TPIR announcer.

Did Drew mean today as in April 20th, 2021 or today as in whenever the episode was originally taped?

Not certain, but a certain online encyclopedia indicates his first show was 4/18/11, so it's pretty close if that is correct (perhaps this show was supposed to be on Monday originally)?

Also of interest, his heart attack hospitalization last year is listed as 4/20/20, so the anniversary of that (less happy) occasion as well.

Whether itís 4/18 or 4/20, itís still remarkable for George to reach ten years on the show, and from there, start his eleventh season.  I think that was one of the, if not, best hires TPTB over the past 15 years.  The health scare a year ago was just that: scary.  Looks like heís doing well, and heís been a nice fit for the show with a set of skills from announcing to participation of a lot of other things on TPIR that hasnít been seen on a regular basis in over 3 decades.

Congrats to him and best of luck moving forward!

Happy Anniversary George! Hard to believe it's been 10 years already. He was the best choice out of everyone they brought in to announce in season 39 and in a few different ways he feels like a throwback to Rod Roddy with his suits, the calldown window, and appearing on stage to model while doing prize descriptions and price reveals (which of course has created a few infamous moments such as the treadmill fall).


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