Author Topic: FPG 4/16/21 - RESULTS  (Read 252 times)

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FPG 4/16/21 - RESULTS
« on: April 23, 2021, 01:20:26 PM »
Boy, we can't stop getting heat off that Wheel. Another $11K in their pockets, and out of the shows. Some due games showed up, but not all of them and since the field was so spilt, the results are all over the place. Let's run them down:

Shopping Spree - 5 picks. 22FJB and Kev nailed it.
Coming or Going - 6 picks. 22FJB and Sweeper nailed it.
Pathfinder - 6 picks. 22FJB nailed it, 04 and Kev maxed out, Wayo gets 2x PA.
Squeeze Play - 8 picks. 3 people had it 4th, but none had it for a loss. 9821 and dprice gets 1x PA, I score 2x PA.
Time i$ Money - 4 picks. 22FJB, tpir04, Wayo, and Kev all receive 10K and 4 MP. Kev also enjoys 4x PA.
Dice Game - Most popular pick with 9 players. 22FJB maxed out, tpir04 nailed it plus earned 4x PA, JJ and Sweeper get 2x PA.

You see 22FJB up there in 5 of the games and with 4 MP each, that adds up to 20/68. That's not enough for runner-runner, because tpir04 had better CP throughout and wasn't that far off from winning the whole thing. Still, even with all that said, he'll have to settle for second with only 15/66. Kev was also closer to a win than one would expect with a 20 MP score and if Dice went the other way, then he'd get second, but he'll get third with his 15/61. Pathfinder being a win would've helped Wayo out, but it wouldn't have shaken things up too much.

Scores aren't as high past the top 3/4, but they are still nice and varied.  Didn't have a game this week, but we'll be back next week to close out April. Hopefully I can get all caught up before then and have a nice fresh leaderboard for you all to see. Stay safe and I'll see you all later.