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FPG 5/7/21 - Easier to Convert than a 7/10 Edition


Happy Mother's Day everyone. I don't know if all moms love bowling, but my mom certainly does and I wanted to do this pun anyways. It's a couples day, so plan accordingly. Plus we do have a promo spoiler (for once), so keep that in mind as well as you make your picks. Remember the rules about spoiled games. That's all I have to say, so good luck and get a pickin'.


SPOILERS: Yes, there is one. Be sure to check the spoiler thread for details.

5/3/2021 (Monday - 9421K) Math/Plinko/Range (car)/PaP/Squeeze/10C
5/4/2021 (Tuesday - 9422K) OA/ME/Bag/DX/Key/PaN
5/5/2021 (Wednesday - 9423K) Side/Roo/Spree/Bargain/Bull/Gas
5/6/2021 (Thursday - 9424K) TTM/Safe/Vend/Cover/Push/Punch
5/7/2021 (Friday - 9425K) Hi Mama Mai.


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