Author Topic: FPG 4/30/21 - RESULTS  (Read 293 times)

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FPG 4/30/21 - RESULTS
« on: May 08, 2021, 03:42:21 PM »
For a climax to the week, it was not a teribly strong one. I know plenty of people had it bad with this lineup, but it also seems like the budget's hurting a little looking at the winnings this week. 2 cars, 4 winless halves, 1 DOB, there isn't a ton of love in this club we call winnings. I know they aren't everything, but people have been commenting about it and I felt I had to bring it up. Let's see what happened with these games:

Push Over - 7 picks. 04 nailed it, 22FJB maxed out and gained 4x PA for it.
Hi-Lo (for a CAR) - 3 picks. Cephas, Sweeper and Wayo collect 15K.
Magic # - 2 picks. Wayo and Tan8 each get 25K. Wayo adds 4/12 and Tan gains 2/2 from it.
1/2 Off - 2 picks. dprice and Kev earn 25K in addition to the 2x PA dprice receives.
Pocket Change - Kev takes it all for himself. 50K and 4/20 for that pick.
Double Prices - 4 picks. Kev, 22FJB, Cephas, Wayo will add 10K to their pots. Wayo had it 6th, but everyone had it for a win. Cephas and Kev get 1x PA.

Only one non-key game and two people predicting more than 2 games right. Between people picking the wrong 2P, wrong casher, wrong car games, a lot of work fell on the quickies to raise our scores. We've had rougher weeks, but things definitely didn't go my way or a few others at the donut shop. At the top of the leaderboard, we have Wayo with 8/30, then Kev with 7/30, and 22FJB after a strong start with 5/29. Interesting that all three got 4 MP with different games, that feels rare.

April has come and gone, but May has sprung and we are flying through the flowers. No limits or telling where this month goes, but I hope you all stick around to play some more as we begin to start winding down our season.