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FPG 5/14/21 - May I Compete in Playoffs Edition (Regular Season Finale!)


Yes, we have reached that point in the season where we're getting close to the end and we're putting the finish line just a few steps from where we currently are. Think of it like that obscure game show, Nitro!. I know I've been inconsistent with results and leaderboards, but know that if you've played at least 6 games, you'll be able to participate. That encompasses most of the players, so if you've played at least somewhat regularly, you should be fine. No gimmicks on this one, just a nice straightforward game to end off the regular season.  Get to it then.


SPOILERS: I don't know of any, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

5/10/2021 (Monday - 9431K) Roll/Move/Balance/Pocket/1RP/Cliff
5/11/2021 (Thursday 5/13/2021 - 9432K) Squeeze/Danger/Tags/Bargain/Time/Line
5/12/2021 (Wednesday - 9433K) DP/Money/Seat/241/Stack/1WP
5/13/2021 (Tuesday 5/11/2021 - 9434K) NoT/S?/Tempt/Side/Path/Range
5/14/2021 (Friday - 9435K) May-ke sure you get those pick in.


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