Author Topic: Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and Super Market Sweep renewed for Season 2  (Read 5713 times)

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I wonder, though... will they still be doing the 4 $100,000 envelopes on the Bonus round wheel for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune in season 2?
Nate Powalie

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Loni Love, Mario Cantone, and Anthony Michael Hall are the first three celebrity contestants for season 2 of Celeb Wheel confirmed:

Interesting to of Loni's photos has the celebrities, Pat and Vanna all close together. Looks as if things have returned to normal for coming season (or at least for Celeb shows?))? Will be interesting to see.

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I'm assuming they are all vaccinated and cases continue to drop so it's not that surprising they were able to take pictures together without masks. It remains to be seen how they will do the regular show in the new season-- how big the audience will be, whether the contestant area will go back to pre-COVID look, and whether contestants will still use the white things.

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I'm pretty sure the contestant area will remain the same (we're in HD after all), but look for Pat to return standing next to the contestants and collecting stuff that's lost to Bankrupt. This means along with those white things, no more "Bankrupt Trash" bins. Next Tuesday is when audiences are permitted to return in some capacity, but since I'm hoping that there would be a "proof of vaccination" policy for now, hopefully we'll get a full house for Season 39.
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This upcoming Celebrity run could be the start what's to come. I honestly don't think Wheel will go back completely to pre-COVID until S40 at the earliest, but I can see some steps taken during S39 to ensure they're getting back to business.

As long as proper precautions are taken, I can see family members or friends being invited to the audience provided that they're vaccinated (don't think we'll see full capacity audiences for a while). Maybe we'll see team weeks again because of the extended podiums. We'll have to see how they fare with easing regulations.

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The thread may have last been active a month ago, but this bump is for a good reason as we have a date for Season 2 premieres of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and Supermarket Sweep, which will be on September 26.