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FPG 5/14/21 - RESULTS


This was very rough. No common cars, a 2P and a 1P that wasn't expected. As much as I don't like cash + GP/Car with cash, this was a pretty enjoyable lineup. A big 3 is always nice. This one was tough to get through until game 5, but only 3 people had scored points in the first half. Things got better in the second half, but only 1 person was able to figure out more than 2 games. Here's the rundown:

Triple Play - 2 picks. 123 gets 25K and 2/8; Kev gets 25K and 4/8.
Pushover - Tan8 gets 1/2 and 50K gets everything to himself.
Clock Game - SANDBAG.
Plinko - 8 picks. 22FJB nailed it, dprice gets 1x PA, Flerb gets 2x PA, Wayo and Kev max out and get 4x PA.
Most Expen$ive - 5 picks. Everyone had it for a win, but no one had it 5th. 9821 gets 2x PA.
Pass the Buck - 2 picks. 123 gets 2/12 and 25K; Wayo gets 2/4 and 25K.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Kev went runner-runner. 123's tried, but he can only manage the bronze with 4/20 on a tiebreaker. He gets plenty of money to make up for it though. Kev won with 8/32. Wayo would've won with a loss in Pass the Buck, but instead he gets 2nd with 7/29. 22FJB also gets mention for being the only other person to pin a game down perfectly.

And that's it. I'll get the leaderboard and playoffs schedule up once I get the results all finished up. Thanks again for another great season.


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