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The $100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strahan – Season Five

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Great to have the classic game show (and one of my favorites) back for another season. Can you believe it’s been two years? .

Congratulations to Ryan for winning $50K. That was a great clue for Types of Drivers: “A road raged one”.

And fantastic, down-to-the-last-second $50K win for Kiki, a great player. I always get more excited when a player has to come back to a passed subject to get the big win. Excellent clues for Sun Protection Items (“thick cream”, “zinc” – I would have thrown in “a shade”). She almost won an additional $100K (I said "a near-sighted man" while she was saying the correctly buzzed "near-sighted people" for People Who Wear Glasses. More great clues for Things With Lanes though: "a road" & "a bowling alley".

Hey, both Mystery “7” trips were won!

No comment on “Climax”.  :-)   And would you have accepted “Multiplication” for “Multiply”? I would have; it is a variation of the word and it also has t-i-p in sequence.

Leah was another great player, but I definitely could understand why she was buzzed for saying “Joey” for Parts of a Kangaroo. I thought of “hula” for Types of Hoops and “carried water” for Things in a Bucket.

Here's a cool fact, Ryan, the $50,000 winner in the first half of the show, is one of my coworkers!

After my appearance in Season 4, Ryan was inspired to try out for the show. When he let me know of his journey to the Winner's Circle, I helped coach him by using material from my copy of The $25,000 Pyramid board game, as well as the current version's home game. I had hoped he got on, and when I saw the first previews, I got very excited. I was even more excited to see him win big!

Once again, the word "bucket" foils another Pyramid player. This time, in the Winner's Circle.

The first Winner's Circle in the second half was the closest I've seen in years. What a great win from Kiki!

That clue to describe "climax" makes my description of "Horny" to Leslie Jones last season look quite tame.

The last Winner's Circle was painful to watch, as Kiki got disqualified for saying "Nearsighted People" for "People Who Wear Glasses." I would have said "Steve Urkel, Drew Carey, Sally Jessy Raphael, Benjamin Franklin, Buzzy Cohen, and some optometrists." Still, $62,500 plus the Mystery 7 is a good day's work.

Both games ended in tiebreakers, which was quite exciting to see.

Overall, this was a great way to bring Pyramid back after over a year's hiatus, and I can't wait to see more wins!

Crutches: "I help you move around when you break your leg."
Bucket: Coloniel Sander's Chicken, Jack and Jill's Water, beach sand, collected shells.
Pacific: "I'm the ocean on the west coast of the United States.
Drivers: Uber, Lyft, Doordash.
Cinnamon: I'm the spice associtated with apples, and part of a brand of toast cereal.
Sun: Coppertone, Banana Boat, Ray-Ban, umbrella, shady tree
Eggs: Scrambled, Over Easy, Hard Boiled.
Lanes: Highway, Bowling Alley, A bank's Drive thru.

Total cash won: $123,000. A good start, but there's always next time for a $100,000 win.

After almost 20 months, it is great to have Pyramid back on our screens. And it was also great to see your coworker on the show tonight goldroadfanatic too.

Here's what I would have said in the Winner's Circle.

From the Rosie O’Donnell and Nate Berkus games:

Things in a bank: money, tellers, safety deposit boxes
Things in a bucket: chicken, cleaning products, rainwater
Brands of Soap: Irish Spring, Zest, Old Spice
Things You Sleep with: your significant other, your cellphone, your pet.

From the Roy Wood Jr and Michael Kosta games:

Types of Trees: Sycamore, Magnolia, Elm
Sun Protection Items: Umbrella, Hat, Shades
Parts Of a School: auditorium, library, cafeteria
Things With Lanes: Bowling, road, a swimming pool

Great show indeed.  Nice atmosphere, and a lot of money won. 

Sucks that it ended in painful loss toward what I thought would be a $100,000 win.  ["And that's why you always have the contestants receive the clues instead of giving them!" - Yours truly as a pathetic in the moment viewer].  Nonetheless, Kiki did great in the main game and in the winner's circle.  Felt at ease in a spot that is very difficult.  I would've said shades too.  Would've said hat, visor, shades, visor, hat, shades in that order in repeating it.  That, IMO would've done it for Kiki


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