Author Topic: FPG 6/11/21 - PLAYOFF Game #3 - The Progressive "Flo"-wer Show Edition  (Read 789 times)

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I'm predicting that they'll do something with a flower show in the next year or so.

Been having some computer issues, so that's why the scrimmage isn't up, but I wanted to make sure that I got this out and ready for you all to play. Once again, everyone can play and test their abilities, but only these 8 are still in the running for winning the playoffs, the cup, whatever it's called.


Good luck to you all, and here's hoping it's a fun, exciting match.


SPOILERS: Nope, as far as we're concerned.

5/24/2021 (Monday - 9471K) Punch/Math/TTM/NoT/Grid/Squeeze
5/25/2021 (Tuesday - 9472K) Road/Flip/PaP/Spree/Push/Key
5/26/2021 (Wednesday - 9473K) 1WP/Card/Grand/PaN/Tags/DX
5/27/2021 (Thursday - 9474K) X/CoG/Pocket/Bar/Bag/Dice
5/28/2021 (Friday - 9475K) Will your picks bloom or will they wilt?
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