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FPG 6/11/21 - Picks and Results (Temporary)


This is very quick and dirty because my computer is still acting up, but I wanted to get the results out so people know what the picks and results are. Feel free to correct me if something's wrong, but I hope everything is accurate.

Pretty rough showing, not a good sign when the two "for fun" players end up picking a game no one picked. One of them also would've won the match with the other also doing well enough to qualify. This lineup was looking pretty classic until MoL showed up, but I think it's quite nice. Won't go into specifics with this post, but you can walk through the results yourself.

Scrimmage this week because we've got spoilers and our next game will be Tuesday the 29th. The Thursday show from next week is getting moved to that day for some reason and it should be a good stage for our finale. Hopefully I can get you nicer looking results soon.

Thanks for getting through on this.

Very ugly indeed... I was so confident in Roll, and I hedged the cash/no-cash correctly with Roo, but I just got completely blindsided by Grocery (not quite due), which opened up MoL, and forgot all about Safe. Had Range for a bit... good luck to the finalists.

I went full casher and got burned. Not a big fan of hedging anyway. Had the Father's Day promo come out beforehand, I would have changed things up. Felt really good about Balance, actually.

What an awful way to end the year and I'm out in the semi-finals for the second season in a row.

Good luck to all in the finals!

Yeah the Father's Day promo would have made me go all-in on no-cash, but I don't think I ever not pick Roll. I felt good about one of Swap/Balance showing with M# also in play, but here we are through today's show and those 3 are still MIA.


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