Author Topic: Looking for episode 0552K Airdate 12.2.1997  (Read 887 times)

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Looking for episode 0552K Airdate 12.2.1997
« on: June 15, 2021, 10:23:00 PM »
During one of the breaks in this show, this member of the studio audience seated in 3rd row center asked Bob if I could dictate the the language he would use to summon Rod to call the next contestant.
He didn’t quite hear me.  I repeated and gave 2 examples: “who will it be?”and “whats the next name on your list?”
It clicked and led Bob to vamp for the remainder of the in-studio break talking about how closely people like me, John, watch the show.  He added that some young people play drinking games based on things Rod and I say or do…
He said that he heard reports of that were on the internet, adding, he knows nothing about the internet and plans to keep it that way…

The floor director, I think it was Bob Chic, counted him out of the break and Bob says:
“I was talking to a young man during the break, whats your name,(looks at name tag) Yes, John, you know what to do.”

Oh my.  I’m thinking, do I rush the stage, or do I rely on the immovable boom mic overhead?  In a split second I decide to keep it moving and just stand and say, in full voice with a Barker styled arm motion looking at Rod:
“Rod, what is the next name on..your.. list!?”

He says: “Bob, John, the next name on my list is Elwood Carlyle, come on down, you’re the next contestant on the Price is Right….”

Later, coming out of the bottom of the hour break, Bob says, “In honor of John, who will it be?”

Snap zoom off of me, sweep to the audience.

My life is complete.

I have a dvd, and vhs of the show, but I would love a file.
I thank you in advance.
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John, Rod, Rich... What is the next name on your list?