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NBA Playoffs Update

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Nate Powalie:
I'll make sure to keep a running track of this, but as of the time I'm writing, here are updates on current series still ongoing:
Eastern Conference Semifinals: Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers
Hawks lead 3-2, game 6 Friday in Atlanta @ 7:30 PM EDT on ESPN
Eastern Conference Semifinals: Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets
Nets lead 3-2, game 6 tonight in Milwaukee @ 8:30 PM EDT on ESPN
Western Conference Semifinals: Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz
Clippers lead 3-2, game 6 Friday in Los Angeles @ 10 PM EDT on ESPN

Atlanta, the no. 5 seed in the East, eliminated #1 Philadelphia  and faces #3 Milwaukee in the East finals. Trae Young is getting the nickname "Ice Trae." Nobody gave Atlanta a snowball's chance at midseason; now they're a step closer to the championship.

Current Conference Finals Situation
#4 Los Angeles Clippers vs #2 Phoenix Suns
Suns lead 1-0 Game 2 Tuesday 9:00PM EDT on ESPN (Immediately Following NBA Draft Lottery)

#5 Atlanta Hawks vs #3 Milwaukee Bucks
Game 1 Wednesday 8:30PM EDT on TNT

Nate Powalie:
My predictions for the NBA Playoffs Conference Finals: Suns in 6, Bucks in 7

Nate Powalie:
After trading buckets back and forth in the fourth quarter, and a crazy alley-oop to Deandre Ayton from out of bounds, The Phoenix Suns escape game 2 with a 104-103 win over the LA Clippers and take a 2-0 series lead into game 3 Thursday night at Staples Center. The Suns now have won 9 straight playoff games.


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