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FPG Scrimmage 6/18/21 - Father of the Pride Edition


Father's Day is this Sunday and Price is celebrating with families. How do we know? Because they aired a promo after last Friday's show with a couple spoilers.

I don't want the finale to be decided on that, so this is getting labeled as a scrimmage. It should make things easier for everyone to decide how they want their lineups to turn out. Let's make this a good game!


SPOILERS: 2 games spoiled for tomorrow. Check the spoiler thread for more.

6/14/2021 (Monday - 9481K) L7/Flip/Half/Race/Vend/Line
6/15/2021 (Tuesday - 9482K) Rent/DP/Balance (Car)/Cliff/Cover/Magic
6/16/2021 (Wednesday - 9483K) Side/Bee/Swap/TTM/1RP/Time
6/17/2021 (Thursday - 9484K) Danger/Freeze/Roll/S?/Bonkers/Rat
6/18/2021 (Friday - 9485K) Make sure to get a nice gift!



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