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"We must consult our means rather than our wishes." -George Washington

Episode number 4 in gamesurf's Price is Right is here! And the theme is going to be inspired by by MSTieScott's "Reactive Budget" special from loooong ago.

The format is the traditional format we all know and love. Six IUFBs, six pricing games, two showcase showdowns, etc. The catch is that the higher-ups have imposed a fixed budget for this show, a figure known only to me and CU.  Rest assured, it is still my mission to give away as much as possible... without going overbudget, of course.

The prize warehouse is stocked with 60-70 prizes of various amounts; all prizes will come from this predetermined list. All six pricing games are finalized, as well as the setups for the first two pricing games. But after that, the prizes and setups are subject to change depending on the shape the budget is in. So if the players in the first half manage to win a lot, that's bad news for the players in the second half... 

* As before, audience participation is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED! Jokes, banter, memes, are ALWAYS welcome! Shouting out prices and advice is welcome, too, at all times except during the IUFBs.
* Iíll PM you when you are called on down the first time, but after that, itís your responsibility to check this thread at least once a day! (PM beforehand if you think you may need special circumstances.)
* All players are on a 24 hour time limit for responses. If you miss your deadline in contestantsí row you get a strike. Two strikes and I reserve the right to call a replacement player the next round in order to give somebody else a chance to participate. Miss your deadline in a pricing game and itís an auto-loss. So please please please, donít forget to check the thread!
* Donít try to google prices, of course.
* Do not chew gum on television!
* And most importantlyÖ have fun!!
If you'd like to play, simply post in this thread and answer an optional audition question. Most entertaining answers will be given preference for the First Four.

The real-life Price is Right is about to celebrate its 50th year on the air; the golden anniversary of TPIR, and you're producing it! Unfortunately, due to belt-tightening at CBS, you don't get a bigger budget, but at least the CBS execs have generously agreed to give you one five-gallon bucket of gold-leaf paint to redecorate any setpieces/props/prizes you wish. How do you use it to make the show feel special?

Sign-ups will close at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, June 27. Good luck!

I'll keep the paint bucket backstage until the end of the Showcase round, and then give the bucket to the winning contestant and tell them to "redecorate" the losing contestant by dumping/splashing all but a little bit of the paint from the bucket onto the losing contestant and then give the bucket back to me afterwards; then when the CBS execs come on stage and reprimand me for all that, I'll tell them that A) they didn't say I was the one who had to do the redecorating, and B) they didn't say it had to be done before the show, and when they tell me that contestants "aren't setpieces/props/prizes", I'll tell them that anything and everything that is on the set is a setpiece/part of the set, including people, and then using the little bit of paint that the winning contestant so kindly saved for me, "redecorate" the CBS execs since the "including people" part of what I told them includes them as well, and finally sprint out of there while yelling to them "Happy   G o l d e n   Anniversary, suckers!"

...Man, I'm in, but this is a hard prompt. I guess to celebrate the game's 50th anniversary, I'll give fans a real reason to complain that Double Prices is too much of an eyesore.

If I were serious, I throw the paint in the trash and just make LMAD's Gold Rush a permanent game in active rotation and make a 9 and 0 box, but come on.

I'm in and I would use the paint bucket to paint all of Golden Road's podiums Gold because of it being the "Golden" Anniversary.

I'm in. I would say to have the the dollar sign on the logo of the Price is Right to be painted gold to remember the 50th year on the air.


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