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I suppose it's only fair that I be on the receiving end of this. So I'm in.

My one regret with the original "Reactive Budget" was that I didn't think to go to a ridiculous, humorous extreme once everybody started winning. And because I expect everybody to start winning on this episode, I'd better get a good response in now so I avoid the second-half fallout. So what would I do with five gallons of gold-leaf paint?

I'm a simple man who prefers an understated elegance. And I think that turning the logo gold would convey the significance of the milestone without being ostentatious. THE, IS, and RIGHT all stay white. PRICE and the dollar sign get a coat of the shiny gold-leaf paint. Then I'll pour some of the paint into two other containers and add a different amount of black to each in order to darken the color and dull the shine. Those shades replace the orange and red in the logo. Apply to all of the logos in the studio (on the doors, above the audience, on the giant price tag, on the back of the first One Bid envelope, accidentally paint over the logo on the giant monitor in the back, etc.).

That's classy, and it should result in a decent amount of gold-leaf paint left over. Which means that I'm going full Goldfinger on one of the models! Doesn't matter which one -- I'll take a volunteer. And if no one volunteers, then I'm drawing somebody's name out of a hat!

Nate Powalie:
If I'm eligible, I will take the sixth sign-up spot. As for your rhetorical question, I would use the gold paint to dabble on the lights and also on the Price is Right logo, and if I had any left, I would put the rest of the paint over the stage to create an old callback to the original path of the Golden Road for Drew (or any host for that matter) to walk onstage on.

I'm always up for a challenge.

I would start with the big wheel. Perhaps one of the show's most famous props and of course it gives away money so why not paint it gold because gold=money no? Then whatever is left over, gold audience curtains, gold big doors, gold turntable, gold showcase podium and gold contestant's row. If I still have more left over because I have no idea how much five gallons is I'll paint slip covers for the audience seats and then take an uber to Hollywood Blvd and touch up some stars on the walk of fame.

I am most definitely in. I'd put the gold leaf paint on Plinko! for two reasons:

1. The board would look very nice.
2. Hopefully some specks would get stuck in the board leading to S&P declaring the board is unfair, rendering the game permanently unplayable.

Win win!

I'm in!

As for the gold paint-- paint Check Game's set completely gold, since it's the 50th pricing game.


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