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TPG 6/29/21 - PLAYOFF Game #4 - Finally Finishing, FPG's First(?) Finale Edition


It's not the first finale or even the second finale of FPG, but it's the first in this COVID era of Price, if not during the actual pandemic. For this final game, these 4 players are vying for that top spot, that glorious cup:


The Daytime Emmys are around the corner and who knows? By the time we play the final game, we will know if this show has won an Emmy at this year's ceremony. But we won't know who will win TPG until after the show (or at least the pricing games) air. Consider all your options, however you may go about it, and I wish you all the best of luck as we head into the last game.


SPOILERS: Nothing for this specific show.

6/21/2021 (Monday - 9491K) HL/Any/Range/Path/Math/Balance
6/22/2021 (Tuesday - 9492K) TTM/Bargain/Bull/PaN/Half/10C
6/23/2021 (Wednesday - 9493K) Bag/ME/Grid/Bonus/L7/Push
6/24/2021 (Tuesday, 6/29/2021 - 9494K) Who will finish with a victory lap?
6/25/2021 (Friday - 9495K) DP/Move/Buck/Flip/Shell/Card

Don't forget tomorrow's the big day!


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