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Holly's 1983-1984 Hiatus


During Holly Hallstrom's 1983-1984 Hiatus from the show, does any staffer like Stan Blitz or Gina Edwards Nyman have an insight on the models filling in for her. Which model would have took her place if Holly didn't return to price that season. I don't remember seeing an episode that mentioned Holly left the show to pursue an acting career or if there was an episode acknowledging her return.

I believe it may have been rotating models that filled in for Holly while she was focusing on movie projects.  I do believe a model named Janelle filled in for Holly on the January 26, 1984 episode, and an African-American model filled in at some point around mid-January 1984 (was that model named Pat?), and if so, was she the first ever African-American model on the show, if brief?

Rotating models were also used on Eubanks' Card Sharks in 1988 while Lacey was on maternity leave.

I do have another question: What was the earliest air date for the start of Holly's hiatus?

Barring some unknown episodes from the first ten seasons, Pat or whomever is the first African-American model on the show.  This may or may not have been confirmed by those that have the information, but it's possible that one of the 3 regulars were absent within some of those unknown episodes from 1972-1982, and then an African-American or any other minority model filled in.  Not likely though

I'm not sure about how they would've handled a situation if Holly had left permanently in 1984.  I don't know off the top of my head how busy Kyle was around that time, but I think it would have been her spot to accept or reject if Holly hadn't returned.

Looks it December 5th was the earliest date, and that would be consecutively.  It's tricky (at least for me); there was a week that was out of order, that aired in November, and that excluded Holly

There was a black model named Harriet on #006N.

Kyle Aletter did quite a bit of subbing in the 1980s.


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