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Why in Card Game are the Jacks not $1,100, Queens not $1,200 and Kings not $1,300?  And why is there no Joker card in Card Game?

Roadgeek Adam:
Jacks, Queens and Kings are 10s in cards. That's why.

Also, why have a joker when you have the Aces Wild?

I can't see any use for Jokers in the game since Aces are already wild, unless they decided to add Jokers to have additional wilds.

If you made those face cards those values, you'd force way too many losses. If you know the car is $21,450, have a $1000 range, have your current bid at $20,400, just like in the old days when you had a sub-$1000 range, Lady Luck would force a loss on you if you drew a face card. But like many card games like Blackjack and Baccarat, making face cards 10s makes the game easier to understand.

Now if the game was conceived where Aces are $100 and Joker(s) are wild, it would be a different story. But I'd imagine that rather than having such a small value for a card, making Aces worth up to $1000 and later any positive value was designed to speed up gameplay in most instances, even though some contestants can take awhile deciding how much they want their ace to be worth.

The game uses a standard deck for gameplay, which doesn’t contain any jokers.  That’s been mentioned frequently on-air.

As far as the other question, the game was created in 1974.  Like pannoi1 hinted, the game has been very easy to lose just from bad luck for most of its existence (especially in the days of a $200 winning range); it wasn’t until 2005 that the range deck had a minimum of $1,000, allowing any draw combination to win.  Having the face cards worth more than $1,000 each would’ve caused way too many losses, and would re-open the possibility of certain draw combinations resulting in a loss.


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