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New Pricing Game idea: EQUALIBRIUM

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Equalibrium is a two-prize quickie game that tests a contestants knowledge of multiplication between the value of two prizes. In this game, two prizes are shown, one lower priced and one higher priced. The idea is to determine how many multiples of the lower priced prize equals the value of the higher priced prize. For example, if there's an $8000 spa with a $2000 pool table, the contestant would need to select "4" from a choice of three possible options in order to provide the "equilibrium" in value between the two prizes. If the contestant provides the right multiplier, s/he wins both prizes. If not, s/he wins nothing. To provide the reveal, a digital readout serving as a calculator would first show the price of the smaller prize after multiplying from the multiplier shown to reveal the total on the "left" side. Then, the ARP of the more expensive prize is shown. A match would show an appropriate animation for a win; a loss would turn the display red with a Buzz! along with the Losing Horns.

The electronic readout would be presented between the two prizes and this game would be played behind Door #2. Occasionally, this can be played for cars. Of course, a contestant only wins one of the less expensive prize and not multiples of it.


$                     3                $
POOL TABLE     4              SPA


--- Quote from: pannoni1 on July 05, 2021, 08:20:37 AM ---Of course, a contestant only wins one of the less expensive prize and not multiples of it.

--- End quote ---
Aww, but Drew could have so much fun with that.  “Susan, you just won 4 pool tables as well.  Looks like you’re gonna be a pool shark now”   8-)

Good quickie concept.

I would like the idea more if Do the Math didn't already exist. It's basically the same game but using multiples instead of plus or minus. The other issue is it would be a challenge to find prizes with prices that work out as perfect multiples-- maybe instead of two prizes it could be played for one prize and cash, and the contestant has to determine the correct multiple to match the cash amount with the value of the prize.

Multiples are also used in Vend-o-Price, Grocery Game, and Bullseye, so its not like its a direct ripoff like Give or Keep/Finish Line. To address the challenge regarding having perfect multiples, a fee item could be included with one item, or in the case of prizes like TVs, computers, or phones, a subscription to a certain service and/or various apps could be included.

Intentionally misspelled? (At least doing so could get it registered as a trademark.)
BTW, the correct spelling is equilibrium.


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