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will it be back when Season 50 starts?

No official word from the show yet but it's certainly not out of the question.

The big wild card is the Delta variant, especially if it leads to any breakthrough cases among vaccinated people. LA County recently issued an advisory for this latest (and hopefully last) round. If that's the case that hopefully will come to pass, we may not be seeing the normalcy that we hoped. But for now, we must keep holding our breath.

With or without the Delta variant, itís still way too soon to make the call that itís over, or that weíre in the clear.  Iíve been officially vaccinated for 4 months, which preceded the vaccine being available to the public.  Thereís still no clear timeline as to how long itís effective for (6 months, 1 year, etc).  While taping for Seaseon 50 is slated for sometime this summer, I donít know or think weíll have a clear cut answer as to when itíll be officially safe to return until next spring.  Say the validity of the vaccine ďexpiresĒ in 12 months.  I think Iíll be okay having received it before most, and while I guess I could catch it, I doubt there will be complete chaos until later on, if at all. 

By then, I imagine the proper people will have a plan in place to counter any future outbreaks; if people including those that received before I did are showing symptoms, theyíll be able to adjust and counter it having been through this for the past year and a half.

Therefore, I went from super-optimistic to cautiously optimistic.  Weíre in a better spot and I hope the audience returns before something bad happens.  If not, at worst, itíll just have to wait for a little bit, but I donít think itíll be months or years down the road

Variants (current and future if people remain foolishly unvaccinated when they are able to be) hold the potential to be a serious issue. So, too, will be what happens when boosters are eventually needed. If we assume, probably rightly, that fewer people will get the booster, and will delay getting it if they do, we could be in a serious predicament. Add in the endemic selfishness of anti-maskers and anti-distancers, and we could be in worse shape than many imagine right now.

While not on the level of the way a second wave did so much harm in the Spanish Flu outbreak, the ďweíre never going backĒ mentality could be devastating nonetheless.

Every willing host gives the virus an opportunity to mutate further. And sooner or later, when you play with fire, you may get burned.


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