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Looking for two episodes with the same contestant.

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Hey all, my neighbor informed me that his sister-in-law was on the show twice once with Bob and once with Drew.  We both would like to see either episode if it happens to be on youtube or any other video sharing site, I don't know any other info as of yet  such as what game she played or IF she even made it on stage either time so I know this isn't the easiest request but I figured since she was on twice that might narrow it down a little bit, her name is Sandra Brooks, when she gets back in town I'll talk to her to see if I can get any other info, thanks in advance!

It's possible that she was the Sandra called down last in a 2013 episode with Sharon Osbourne (6193K).

I can't find that episode anywhere other than a couple random clips from earlier in the show, so, I still don't know, but might be possible, I'll talk to her the next time I see her to get better details, hopefully. But thanks anyway, Flerbert! :)

I finally got to talk a little bit with Sandra, she first confirmed that the recap Flerbert suggested to me is her second episode she said that she was the last contestant called and that Sharon Osbourne was there. So thank you Flerbert, I can't find that episode on anything like youtube or anything, so hopefully one day someone will upload it, but anyway, I also asked her a few questions about her first episode, her memory of the date isn't clear but she thinks it was in 2000, also, she made it up on stage that time and played Cliff Hangers. She told me one day when she goes through her stuff she might can tell me an exact date on that, but that's all I know so far, I'll report back if there's anything to report back. :)

The Sharon Osbourne episode from 2013 was actually rerun during the week of September 20 last year, did you or her catch it then?


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