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An audience member's review of the 1993 TNPIR '94 pilot with Doug Davidson

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Long before the days of this board, and even before ATGS, anyone posting info on the fledging Internet visited the newsgroup 28 years ago today, Doug Davidson hosted the first of two pilots for the ill-fated syndicated version that featured Bob Hilton as announcer. (The second pilot with the Big Wheel was taped the next day).

--- Quote ---Went to the pilot for the nighttime Price is Right last Friday...
the host is Doug Davidson (from Young & Restless), the announcer
was Bob Hilton; Gene Wood did the audience warm up. There are also
four new models, didn't get their names though.
They built a totally new set, with a black floor, and fake black
marble surrounding the three prize doors. Also instead of
chase lights they had silver spotlights (like the ones
over the audience). They re-did the theme with a new brassed-up
arrangement. They also added a fifth camera, on a
long thin jib arm, that could fly over the audience and set (they
used it for the opening shot, which resembled something out of
an awards show). The platform/turntable area was eliminated,
replaced by a video wall.
The format: the host is introduced and asks the announcer to get
the first player, who is called to "come on down". However, the
player goes right up on stage to play a pricing game (no one-bids).
There are three contestants and three pricing games in each show.
The games I saw were Any Number (where the board was behind door 3
and the image was fed to the video wall), Plinko and Three Strikes.
After the three games are played all three contestants go down to
the floor (where the one bids are normally done) and they play a
game called The Price WAS Right. They were asked to bid on how
much a 1957 Thunderbird cost back in 1957. A 1957 commercial was
shown to enhance this. Whoever bids closest w/out going over gets
to go to the showcase. (On the pilots taped Saturday, they used
the Showcase Showdown wheel instead of Price Was Right).
There is only one showcase and one contestant. The
contestant bids on the showcase, and if they are within $10,000 of
the total price, they win the showcase (on Saturday's show,
they used the Range Game to let the contestant select their
showcase bid).
Davidson did a decent job as host; he didn't refer to the cue
cards too much; however he did mess up the dialogue during
the showcase and let loose a stream of expletives into a hot
mike,to the amusement of the audience. He did have a problem
with his voice, which wasn't holding out too well. Probably
doesn't have to talk as much, or as loudly on the soap!
I was pleasantly surprised at how he did, as a company I was
working for last year auditioned him for a new game show
and he just didn't have it together, though he is personable.
This is a half hour show, five times a week, that if sold, will
debut in fall 1994. It's distributed by Paramount Television.
--- End quote ---


This leads me to ask a couple questions:

*Why did they replace Bob Hilton (again) for Burton Richardson for announcer?
*Has anyone else seen the pilot(s), and if so, how the set, cues, models, etc. look in comparison to the series?


I am unsure which pilot this is from but this is what the Range Game showcase looked like.


--- Quote from: pannoni1 on July 16, 2021, 01:13:17 PM ---28 years ago today, Doug Davidson hosted the first of two pilots for the ill-fated syndicated version
--- End quote ---
There were, in fact, two other pilots recorded on August 3 and 4, hosted by Mark Kriski. (August 3 taping ticket, August 4 taping ticket)

On a further note, Cash Tornado, which used much of the same set, was taped on July 18.


--- Quote from: Thatgameshowguy on July 16, 2021, 02:19:33 PM ---I am unsure which pilot this is from but this is what the Range Game showcase looked like.

--- End quote ---
The way the post is phrased it sure sounds like the second tape date.

First: Price Was Right/Showcase bid
Second: Showdown/Range Game

Here's some info cated_game_show;_1993)

The series was picked up for syndication the next year but Kriski left before the series started filming[3] and was replaced by Doug Davidson.

Does this mean Mark was originally was supposed to host the show?

I wonder if Mark did a pilot for Lets Make a Deal.


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