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October 30, 1981 (#4245D)

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Set changes/notes:

There are still no baseballs on the 3 Strikes board, moving this up by a couple months. IIRC there are at least two playings from late in this Season where the baseballs were added.

Five Price Tag's small prize labels have their white on blue text by this point, replacing the yellow/black text scheme. This moves it up over three months.

This was also just the second time that Blank Check has been played. Unlike most of its life, the display between the check amount and prize value is reversed, the total displays "LOSS" instead of the amount, the VOID stamp is smaller/thinner, and there is no "Range Game" think music cue in use.

Always nice to have an OC episode from this era turn up, and this show certainly had a great first half!

I'm assuming that, by this point, episodes are showing that were taped in the fall of 1981, perhaps anytime from late September to early October. If so, my guess is that the last episode where a fur coat was a prize aired sometime before this episode. (I've always guessed that the last "fur" episodes were taped during the late spring/early summer of 1981, before the annual break.)

So FTR, does someone have a guess as to when the last fur coat episode may have aired?



--- Quote from: Briguy on July 22, 2021, 10:57:11 AM ---So FTR, does someone have a guess as to when the last fur coat episode may have aired?

--- End quote ---

The latest one I am aware of is October 16, 1981; a fur parka appeared in the Showcases.

Around this point in time, Jack Mulqueen Collection is credited at the end for the models' wardrobe, which would be common to see it pop up through the rest of Season 10 and Season 11 (J.G. Hook would be another common wardrobe at the end around this time).


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