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I know this topic is a bit premature because we don't yet know what the other new game will be or how Back to '72 will play out, but I'm posting this here because it came out a while ago and I'm surprised no one seems to have mentioned it yet.

But thanks to thepriceis_J, a TikTok photo was unearthed of TPIR's backstage, with a very interesting prop we've never seen before:

And credit to jsach for blowing up the image to give us a clearer view:

The consensus seems to be that based on the rustic/old nature of this prop, and the fact that the products in the windows look to be pictures rather than physical products, that this is Back to '72. And it looks like it'll be a cash game.

I'm gonna need to see that baby in action since the first word that came to mind upon seeing it was "fugly".

Is that fair though? We don't have a full, clear picture of the prop.


--- Quote from: urbanpreppie0004 on August 28, 2021, 05:10:25 PM ---Is that fair though? We don't have a full, clear picture of the prop.

--- End quote ---

No, which is why I said I need to see it in action. I get that props are gonna look different in storage.

I think they're really trying to go for the old style feel. It's kind of the "Now....or Then" approach. Ugly now, but it was also ugly in 1980.


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