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Path to Perfection II: 123123123's PG Gauntlet (S2, E7)

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The results from the first PG gauntlet were less than stellar, if you were a player that is. It's now time to start the long road to redemption!

Starting this Wednesday afternoon (9/29), the Numbers studio will once again open its doors to all contestants who want to try their luck.

Just like a normal show there will be 6 pricing games, but no IUFBs and a single showcase to bid on Range Game style.

Unlike a normal show though, all contestants will play all the pricing games at the same time. If you keep winning, you keep playing for a shot at perfect show bragging rights. But the moment you lose a game, you'll be immediately escorted out of the building, deemed a poor pricer.

The show keeps going until someone makes it to the end and wins the showcase, or all players are eliminated.

My feelings remain unchanged from last show. Will it be fun? I sure hope so. Will it be easy? Not a chance, as the crew fully expects most of you to flame out before the first commercial break  :lol:

But I love being proved wrong, so come one and all and flex your pricing muscles!

Since everyone who joins will play, no need for an elaborate sign up, but please give a simple "I'm in" so I know who's a part of it

"I'm in."

There, kept it simple for you.


I'm in.

I'm so totally in!


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