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Path to Perfection II: 123123123's PG Gauntlet (S2, E7)

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I'd like to pass this showcase.

...wait, you're saying I can't do that? Well, um, let's go $59,821 then, sure.

...and I forgot how my own showcase gimmick works. Since I meant for $59,821 to be my midpoint, I'll set my range from $56,321 to $63,321.


1233: I forgot about how this works too, I don't really know what to display on the single podium. The median? The low or high value?

We could bring out the second, but you know what, just stand behind it and remember your range, we'll do it manually.

Now if the total is anywhere between $56,321 and $63,321, you're a winner. The actual total is...


{slowly pulls tag}

{ding, ding, ding, ding, ding}

Just like everything else you've done so far, that was a nearly perfect range!

This, along with everything you won throughout the show bring your well over $200k on the show.

For everyone who played along, thanks for joining and hope you all had a good time

{credits start rolling}


Overall, things went about as expected. IMO, I think there were 2 of each gimme (Safe, C-O), average (5PT, Tempt) and loss favoring (Push, Spree) games.

Also, if I do another, don't think I'll do a showcase to end, seemed a bit anti climatic after the fact  :-)

But, once again, thanks all who joined


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