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2021-2022 FPG Spoilers (Season 50)

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All 6 games for the thanksgiving show (9613K) have been spoiled by cbspressexpress.

Twitter spoiled one of the games for today, technically before the deadline to submit but "In order for a spoiled PG to be a valid pick, that spoiler must be posted in the 2021-2022 FPG Spoilers thread by 12 AM/midnight of the FPG in question."

I see 4 AM twitter strikes again. I got 2 submissions in after that time, one of them didn't pick it and the other doesn't always look at spoilers from looking at past picks. For now, I'll allow this game since we weren't aware they would do it again and most picks came in before that spoiler, but that may not the case in the future if this happens again.

Pay the Rent and Bonus Game were spoiled in the Holiday Week promo.

7 AM EST Twitter Strikes yet again this time spoiling Bargain but as with the last time we had this situation it didn't come out until after Midnight.


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