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Season 50 Recap Interruption Thread


Roadgeek Adam:
This has been known privately for a while, but I am taking a vacation from October 22nd-25th. My plan is to do the Friday October 22, 2021 recap live, post it and hit the road. WP788 will handle the duties on October 25, 2021. I am, as you can imagine based on stress of recent weeks, in need of a vacation and I've not done an overnight trip since I adopted my 2nd cat and since my parents moved out. So I'm going to escape the grind for a bit and find out if the cats and can handle being without me for a few days.

Obviously if other things come up, I will post on the thread.

Roadgeek Adam:
So, I will be away from March 8-11 for a visit to my alma mater in Illinois.


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