What is your favorite set/production addition or change from Season 12?

The blue/green/white-striped interior of the Clam
0 (0%)
The new "Chuck E. Cheese" Dice Game set
1 (5.3%)
Ralph the Robot
0 (0%)
The Plinko sign being moved to the Turntable
11 (57.9%)
The second purple/yellow/orange Race Game Curtain
0 (0%)
"A Mark Goodson television production" announcement and logo
1 (5.3%)
The new "marquee" win graphic in the Showcase Showdown
0 (0%)
Tuggs The Tugboat
3 (15.8%)
The orange/red bulbs in the light border
3 (15.8%)

Total Members Voted: 19

Author Topic: Favorite set/production addition or change from Season 12  (Read 372 times)

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Favorite set/production addition or change from Season 12
« on: October 14, 2021, 08:56:31 PM »
Now that another season of TPIR: The Barker Era has been nearly completely run, it's once again time to ask everybody to vote about the various changes you saw throughout Season 12. The 12th year on CBS for Price didn't quite have as many set and/or production changes as the 11th or the upcoming 13th and 14th seasons, but there were still quite a few debuts and touch-ups, along with a couple minor ones such as the short-lived bright green border on Range Game and the removal of the old Most Expensive prize stands in Five Price Tags.

If you missed it, feel free to vote in the poll discussing the changes from Season 11:
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