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Have a device with Amazon Alexa? Say “Alexa, start The Price is Right.”

You’re welcome. ;) (My thoughts on this later.)

My wife now hates you.


For those of us without Alexa, an idea of what's supposed to happen would be appreciated.


Come on Down!

The wildest gameshow on TV is now on Alexa!

Guess the prices of every day (or not quite every day) items from Earn extra points by playing classic mini games like Plinko, Showcase Showdown, and more!

Get matched against a random opponent from the around the world, or battle it out with friends and family!

The game is for 1-4 players and features Barker-era music and SFX from the show (the buzzer being the only effect that isn’t the authentic one from the show). Alexa isn’t any worse than Steve White as announcer.

The game starts with a one-bid per usual. A product from Amazon is described and each player is asked to bid with the closest without going over receiving points. Multiple one-bid rounds are played, each worth increasing amounts of points (and usually with increasingly expensive prizes) and then a random mini-game is played for bonus points, consisting of either Plinko, Cliff Hangers, Bargain Game, Showcase Showdown, or the Showcases. The game advertises a pay upgrade for access to more pricing games like One Away as well as more products. I declined this fee. The game isn’t exactly without its “quirks”…

For instance, when taking my second spin on the wheel on one occasion it said something like “you spun ninety quadrillion eight hundred trillion, etc. cents.” Needless to say I went over. On one other occasion a three-digit prize snuck its way into a game of Cliffhangers.

Nothing to write home about. But a fun little distraction while I do my laundry.


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