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FPG 11/19/21 - RESULTS
« on: December 09, 2021, 12:28:36 AM »
Going into this show, we did not know that this was the Blue Man Group episode that was talked about a month prior. That scared some people into thinking their lineup was ruined, but did it?

Not really... most people didn't do that great with this lineup, but it was so split that scores were generally going to end up mildly mixed regardless if the guests affected the lineup. This lineup was pretty healthy timing wise and most of the games here made sense, besides maybe the lack of a 3P this week. What you ended up with a ton of players with 1 or 2 games chosen and a crowded middle section. Here's how things played out:

Pick-a-Number - 7 picks. 22FJB gets 2x PA.
Danger Price - 5 picks. Wayo nailed it.
Pass the Buck - 5 picks. Wayo nailed it.
Freeze Frame - SANDBAG
Bonus Game - 6 picks. Wayo and Kev nailed it. Tan8 gets 2x PA, Kev gets 4x PA.
Line 'em Up - 3 picks. Kev, myself, Hag all earn 15K. No one had it for a win.

Not much suspense here. Wayo ran away with gold almost immediately and never looked back, he finished with 14/40. Kev got second with 9/43 and I ended up in 3rd somehow with 5/10. Shows just what kind of game that was.

We've got a game on Friday the 10th when this is posted. Stay tuned for that.
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