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FPG 12/24/21 - RESULTS
« on: December 27, 2021, 10:36:39 PM »
No matter how you did in the game Friday, there's no denying that the show was really good. A perfect show that took some work to do, and that means a gigantic payday for everyone. Perfect show means double and since it's Friday, that day alone adds over $950,000. People did very well for themselves with the spoilers and took advantage. Here's the rundown:

Squeeze Play - 8 picks. FJB, Kev, and Tan8 all nailed it. Hag receives 2x PA.
Pay the Rent - Spoiled, all 14 players picked it. 22FJB and I nailed it. Flerb gets 1x PA; Kev, JJ, Punchy, 04, Cephas, and Nate receive 2x PA; FJB gets 4x PA.
Lucky $even - 11 picks. Jarod gets 2x PA. JJ nailed it, 04 maxed out.
Most Expen$ive - 3 picks. I, 22FJB, and Nate each receive 15K. FJB and I both nailed it.
Bonus Game (for a CAR) - Spoiled, all 14 picked it. Cephas, Kev, and Flerb all picked it for car and each earn $100K. Punchy nailed it. 123 and I each 2x PA.
Balance Game - Kev is the sole pick. 50K and 4/16 there.

Money was flowing out of the bank everywhere and 7 players are leaving with over $1M in winnings. The big 3 of our game were 22FJB with 16/50 (also earns that 50 $250K bonus!), Kev with 14/44, and myself with 12/34. 22FJB did so well that he even went runner-runner with this lineup.

A very impressive showcase from everyone, congratulations!

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