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FPG 12/17/21 - RESULTS
« on: December 30, 2021, 01:39:26 PM »
I'm still not sure why this show got moved. I'm not seeing anything that would make it not want to get shown, but I also don't get why you would move it if you thought it was so good that leading into Christmas wasn't enough of a hype spot.

Outside of the Showdown, I don't see that much to awe about. Punch having unfortunate good luck for once and TTM being TTM. Punch in particular made things very difficult for players as it knocked out a bunch of players SP, cash, and SP/car picks. People still did well in spite of that and most choices paid off. Here's the rundown:

Freeze Frame - 7 picks. 5 people nailed it.
Any Number - 3 picks. JJ, Punchy, 123 all earn 15K each.
Punch-a-Bunch - SANDBAG.
Do the Math - 6 picks. 04 gets 2x PA. He was the only one who had it 4th, but for a win.
Bullseye - 9 picks. Kev and JJ nailed it. FJB and Guint gets 2x PA, Kev gets 4x PA.
That's Too Much! - Most common with 12 picks. 6 people nailed it. 04, Guint, Kev and I all maxed out. dprice gets 2x PA, I get 4x PA.

JJ had the best luck with his picks and he wins with 12/38, Guint takes second with 11/47, and Kev gets 3rd, and $250,000, with 10/50. Thanks to that bonus and That's Too Much as a PA, the cash standings this week are wacky. Don't forget that we have a game tomorrow for NYE, the thread for that is already posted.
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