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TPiR Recap - 1/11/2022

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Was that the same Raul who lost $263,000 in 1 vs. 100 a number of years ago? (Clip below.) If so,

a) Even if it's just coincidental, it's very appropriate this episode aired so soon after Bob Saget's passing.
b) Raul has the absolute worst luck in game shows.


More of a nerdy observation than a comment on the show content: it was neat to see Bonus/Any/DP played together in that order, back to back.  The nerdy part - first seen #0064D, 10/12/72


--- Quote from: LiteBulb88 on January 11, 2022, 07:01:33 PM ---b) Raul has the absolute worst luck in game shows.

--- End quote ---

Perhaps, but as you know there's no luck involved in Bonus Game!

Great win in TTM to start the show, unfortunately things didn't go too well anymore from there besides Double Prices and the second SCSD starting with not picking the drum set in One Wrong Price.

Well that was definitely the worst playing of To the Penny so far. Where does she shop that she thought a bottle of Vitamin Water was $3.19? I didn't think the tomato paste would be $3.99, but 99 cents was also unlikely. Also, it was odd they still did the bouncing between the prices when there was only two choices remaining.


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