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Explanation for April 18, 2022

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Roadgeek Adam:
So, as former NASCAR driver Lyndon Amick once put it, in the world of as the can turns. Sunday afternoon driving up US 250 as I was approaching Cameron, WV, apparently my rear brakes locked up, turning me right into the rockside next to me. Much like my 2018 ice crash, ending up in a ditch just before the rocks turned the car over. I'm fine physically. Though, the EMS gave me a dose of ketamine to calm me down because I was an utter disaster (as I am after most disasters). Ketamine is something I never ever ever ever ever want to go on again. Makes you disassociate pretty bad, including weird as illusions as if you're on acid. They had me stay in the hospital for hours while making sure I was ok (I'm fine physically, just a few scrapes, they just wanted to be precautionary.)

My father rushed from IN to WV to get me and drive me home yesterday. Thanks to him. I am home, but my ego is pretty bruised. Really bruised. I'm trying hard to cry, but failing because I guess I just don't have the strength to do so. I just am going to be a bit hard to put up with right now. My body hasn't recovered from the ketamine experience for some reason, leaving me really off-and-on energy wise. I'm just so depressed right now and don't really have an answer on what to say other than I feel like a ginormous loser.

I'll probably do the Monday recap a little later today. I don't want to burden the recap thread with this, so I just made a separate thread.

Oh Adam.  I am so sorry.  That is very scary, but I'm glad you are okay.  Take care.

I'm happy that you're okay.

We all are happy that you are ok.

So sorry to hear that happened to you.

Take whatever time you need to get better. Recaps aren't nearly as important as your well-being.


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