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FPG 5/6/22 - RESULTS


Going to avoid the full run-through today, partially because I need to catch up on these and partially because a lot happened this week. We had Grand spoiled in the promo, but some eagle-eyed viewers spotted a script and were able to pinpoint Squeeze being second on this show. If you saw different confidence rankings, now you know why. I probably would not have caught it, but thank those that did when the picture came out.

I'm glad this wasn't a playoff game because two spoilers suck some fun out of it. That being said, there were still some surprises including Backy coming back in play and Balance Game for a car.

That didn't stop 22FJB from matching the lineup exactly top to bottom, so he gets the 6/6 bonus, though not the runner-runner bonus given the results. There were plenty of high scores though, so congrats to everyone that participated, and I hope you enjoyed this episode.


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